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If you happen to be a blogger or entrepreneur running an online business, content and Search Engine optimization are very important for the success of your enterprise. SEO has a determinative role to play in the success or failure of your business. Most of the SEO experts out there have either:

• attended specialized courses and trainings.
• done certifications.
• learned SEO basics through trials and errors.
• read the content that exists online in the shape of How-to and DIY articles, marketing news, blogs, interviews, etc.

If you want to teach yourself SEO and are wondering whether reading up is the best way to brush up your skills, this article would help you determine the level of your needs and the most efficient and fast way to meet them.

Is Self-teaching of SEO a Good Idea?

You would find innumerable articles teaching free SEO knowledge, tips and tricks to newbies. So, learning SEO from this source seems like a good idea. Right? Questionably, it isn’t. Here is why:

• There is a sea of information out there, and it can be overwhelming when you don’t know where to start from.
• Everyone who seems or claim to be an SEO expert isn’t and merely knows SEO theory.
• The persons and learning platforms might have some vested interest and secrets and pushing their own agendas, self-interest or advertising their own products and services in the guise of teaching.
• Some experts are also newbies themselves and have gotten merely lucky.
• Certain information isn’t accurate or updated (for example, SEO is merely about keywords stuffed here and there, whereas link exchange and linkbuilding are important aspects too).
• Google keeps changing its algorithms, guidelines and rules, and it’s hard for everyone to keep up with them.
• Technology is getting sophisticated more than ever. For instance, one needs to understand how people using Alexa and Siri use search engines and how sites need to be optimized according to these aspects.

SEO is not a skill that comes around naturally; it is fairly complicated. It comprises multi-faceted methodologies, procedures and case study examples. If you are willing to invest a huge amount of time and energy into it and stay abreast with all the changes and evolve yourself and your sites accordingly, the self-taught route is worth a shot.

Paid SEO Courses – Are They Worth It?

There are quite a number of free courses for beginners and are good as starters, but they don’t give you advanced knowledge. Moreover, all SEO courses are not created equal: The good ones can be quite expensive but have the following pros:
SEO courses and certifications that are designed and run by well-known institutes like Udemy or and Yoast are highly useful.
• These are designed by credible and known professionals.
• The information is accurate and concise and updated frequently in the shape of new modules, videos and guest trainers.
• Material is highly actionable, and the tools and templates can be customized and immediately applicable.
• Above all, these courses and certifications are self-paced and thus ideal for busy professionals wanting to understand everything you need to know about SEO.

What About Hiring an SEO Expert Worth it?

If you don’t have the time and patience to go through the self-learning route, get confused and overwhelmed easily, and you want your website or blog or website to generate leads, traffic and money steadily but for sure, then it makes the best sense to hire an expert to do the job. Here is why:

A credible and experienced SEO expert is someone who has spent lots of time and money to acquire the skill. This person:

• has shown results, is trustworthy.
• is spoken off highly and recommended by others.
• does the spadework, summarize the results, prepare a blueprint, and implement it for you or give you actionable recommendations.
• relies on data and produces analytics for review.
• give you guidelines if you want to learn certain aspects of SEO yourself.

Which Approach is the Best

The Do-it-Yourself approach, whether you have gathered SEO knowledge from the web or have learned from an online course, is, of course, cheaper but it is time-consuming, and sometimes, it can lead to costly mistakes. Attending a paid course or employing an SEO pro are costlier options. However, both are bound to give you quicker, accurate, and solid results. You can do the basic, beginner level SEO stuff yourself but for advanced level work, employing an SEO specialist is a more sensible approach.

SEO isn’t something you can do once and get it over with it. You have to constantly update your knowledge and skills through reading the latest information, attending courses, or hiring a person who has been doing both. Either way, you have to put in a lot of your personal time, energy, and money into it. Whenever SEO is done right, it gives awesome outcomes.

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