Can you become successful if you study marketing at college?


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Education has become a debatable topic; especially the current world’s outdated approach to the same. With the textbook learning taking precedence, many countries and their officials are contemplating the practical application of the same in the actual world. Certain disciplines do guarantee formal education, including legal, medical sciences, etc. However, there are certain disciplines that are arguably much more enhanced with practical knowledge rather than classroom education. The most prominent discipline that falls into this category is a marketing degree. A global argument has sprung up regarding the topic is marketing a good major for future professionals. Even though the availability of tools like free online plagiarism checker for students has made it possible for students to work with originality, yet it has been a pressing question whether marketing knowledge goes beyond the scope of the classroom curriculum.

1. An inherent skill

Marketing has primarily been an inherent skill for the best professionals across the world. The best experts have a skillset that is inherent to them and has been enhanced with practical exposure and experience. The skills can be acquired as well over time, but the best way to do so is by stepping out into the world and dealing with real-life clients. Marketing has a global trajectory, which cannot be understood in the confines of a curriculum. Most professionals argue that the best knowledge gained is through hit and trial in the market itself. Marketing degree comes handy in securing a job in the sector, but the future success largely depends on the implementation of practical knowledge.

2. Think out of the box

Marketing is one aspect of business that is greatly influenced by the ability of the professionals to come up with the most innovative and inspiring ideas for the end customers. The idea is to get customers to pay for the service or product that the company is selling at the end of the day. It is the art of convincing people through direct or indirect means of communication, which can be anything but outdated. Hence, it needs a highly creative mindset, which thinks beyond the scope of a regular textbook and is not confined by the terminology or formal aspects taught in a classroom.

3. Mentorship

There is another thing that the most successful professionals have employed in the early years of their career. No matter the age, many of them have been able to hone their skills and develop their craft by mentoring under the experts of the arena. This is yet another great way to succeed in the sector, owing to the fact that they get to be in the scene while learning the nuances from the veterans of the industry, making “Is marketing a good major” a valid question.

4. Communication skills

Marketing is one facet of business that even a child can master owing to the ability to convince people and being an extrovert. Communication skills and social and public speakers have the knack of marketing owing to the fact that they are well versed in striking conversations. Many college dropouts have been able to excel in the sector owing to this very quality and are able to scheme even for digital media. Their success is attributed to their skills of hitting off with the customers at the topic that most interests them, and it is this ability that no marketing degree can substitute for.

5. Ephemeral nature of the market

The market is constantly changing, and so are the interests of the customers. It is this interest that a true professional needs to use to the advantage of the company. A marketing degree can equip students with the general knowledge about the functioning of the market, but it is only by getting their hands dirty, that the professionals can truly understand its nature. Moreover, the strategies greatly vary by the product or service at hand. Hence, no same technique can be applied or a set example can be used when going out to the customers.

6. Engagement with the customers

In the current digital world, marketing professionals now have the means to actually interact with the customers and use the insight to their benefit. This perspective beats the conventional marketing degree hollow, as it is the best way to gauge the market and come up with the most convincing strategies. Experts now use the art of getting their customers involved with the marketing and catering to them by allowing their feedback to reach them directly. This not only convinces the customers but also satisfies them. With marketing becoming more digital at a global level, conventional marketing studies are no longer the path to success.

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